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Question: Where can I get music for a singing demo? I can not afford to have original music composed.

Answer: If you live in Toronto I would suggest giving Song & Script a call. They have over ten thousand karaoke cds in stock, so chances are they will have just about any popular music selection you are looking for. Legally you can perform any song you like on your vocal demo as long as it is for demo purpose only and not for sale to the public.

Question: Just wondering what's the better approach for a commercial demo to hopefully get started in the biz...if u know...some advice/guidance would b appreciated.

Answer: The following links contain some very good information regarding the process involved in creating a professional voice-over demo.

Preparing Your Voice Demo - A Newcomer's Guide
Voice Talent Tips

Question: I do have one question if you can reply to me I would be pleased. I need some information regarding Protected CD duplication, that the CD cannot be copied by people. I don't know the right term for this but hope you got my point. I want to know about it please if you could help me in this regarding along with the charges.

Answer: At the moment, JL Recording Studios does not offer Copy Protected Cds. There is still quite a bit of controversy surrounding Copy Protected Cds. Here are some insightful articles on the Copy Protection subject that may answer many of your concerns.

Copy protected CDs: artists can be the losers -
Slashdot | Lawsuit Challenges Copy-protected CDs
Consumers in crossfire of labels' war on piracy |
Wired News: Copy-Protected CDs Taken Back
Slashdot | NSync Copy Protected CD

Question: Does JL Studios provide Voice Training as well. If not where would I find training and development?

Answer: JL Recording Studios does not provide voice training. Performing is a skilled profession where training is a must. When you compete with other performers, classes and training can give you an edge that gets you the role.
Enrolling in a performance program at a university or a college is one of the best ways to get the basic skills and contacts you'll need as a professional performer. Some Toronto area performing arts schools include:

* Ryerson
* York University
* George Brown
* Humber College

If you don't want to take this route, you can always enroll in individual voice, movement and acting classes. To find reputable and reasonably priced performance classes, visit the Toronto Association of Acting Studios at or call them at 416-408-4556. You should expect to pay from $10 to $20 per hour for this type of instruction.

Question: I have been interested in a voice over career for some time and would like to know where to begin. Any advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Answer: The following resources are a wealth of information for those new to the voice over process.

Voice Talent Tips
Voice Actor Resources

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