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Over 70 professional Scripts for the Informed Voice-Over actor


Have you been looking for voice over scripts that you can record on your demo?



Expand your voice-over career with a variety of reads. Quickly access over 70 well written scripts, hand chosen and neatly organized.


Are you finding scripts scarce to record from to make your voice-over demo?

Maybe you have already recorded a demo, but are now sourcing new material to add to your current demo or expand your audition offers.

If you have answered yes to either of the above sentences, you're ready to discover and acquire an outstanding collection of online voice scripts best suited to your personal style for you to record on your new voice-over demo.




Did you know that every great voice demo starts with killer commercial copy?

Choose from multiple script categories including Commercials, Corporate, Narration's, Promos, Public Service announcements - just about every kind of voice over recording you may come up against.

Make your demo stand out in the crowd for being creative and original. The JL Recording Studios voice over scripts are designed to save you time and give you remarkable results.. You may download the voice scripts by making a secure payment through PayPal online.




Expand your market reach and present your voice to clients for profitable job opportunities.

We are happy to cater to the needs of the acting community. Should you have any questions about our company, our services, contact details, or would like to read client testimonials, all of the information you are seeking is directly available on this web site.

Moreover, after seeing a need for quality voice scripts we decided to offer you valuable recording material with the intent on getting you paid jobs.





These scripts will allow you to expand your market reach and present your voice to clients for profitable job opportunities.

With over 70 voice over scripts to choose from, you can access ones best suited to your personal style. You will be confident in showcasing those voice reads with different emotions - roles - energies, and that the market requires.


The purpose of these valuable scripts is to help professional and aspiring voice talent find an affordable means of recording their voiceover demo. This kind of script offering is exclusive to JL Recording Studios.ca

How can we sum this up? Very simple. We can confirm that this resource is the most valuable for voice professionals because we have personally selected each script by hand, giving this collection the JL Recording Studios.ca Seal of Approval.



Not just a bunch of filler


The voice over scripts resource are real scripts from Regional and National Agencies, Radio and Television stations, all over the country. For both Men and Women in a wide range of age groups.

You won't have to worry about whether or not the material is copyrighted as long as it is used for demo purposes only. Under The Fair Use Act you have complete freedom to use any script you like as long as it is not for monetary gain.

All the scripts are timed out to industry standard 15 - 30 -and 60 second intervals.

You can rest assured knowing that your voice-over demo will showcase your voice and have the security that your demos will be as authentic as the pros.




You Can Look Forward To A Wealth Of Categories Inside "The VoiceOver Scripts Resource"




*Regular Sell


*Hard Sell



*Comedic /Humorous




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What If I’m Not 100% Satisfied?

We believe in our product. We have a 30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.


Is my online payment secure?

Absolutely. Payments are processed through PayPal, the global leader in online payments. With a secure payment gateway that acts like an online bank you never need to worry. Over 90 million people have entrusted their information to PayPal.


How do I receive my scripts?

Once you have completed payment, you will be issued a link within a few hours to a page where you can access the Scripts online. You will receive this by an email confirmation that will include a clickable link to the scripts.

Do you include free updates?

The link you will be issued is a permanent link and allow unlimited access to our online voice scripts resource.

You will be able to access free updates at your convenience of any scripts added to the resource.





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If you decide to record your voice-over demo at JL Recording Studios any time in the future we will credit you for the Scripts purchase.





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If you consider yourself motivated, able to follow a plan, and be committed to your artistic development -- then this is a unique opportunity that should not be missed.

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