Recording Studio Photos

Control Room Design

Control Room Design

The studio sound recording Control Room utilizes the best vintage analog and latest digital audio equipment. The audio room treatment features acoustical panels providing excellent sound studio acoustics.

Audio Recording Interface

Audio Recording Interface

A Steinberg MR816 CSX audio Recording Interface delivers Crystal-clear, noise-free 24 bit digital audio and a signature with a musical sound.

Audio Mixing Console

Audio Mixing Console

The recording Studio Desk console with bridge will handle over 48 channels. A 4-band EQ with two semi-parametric mid-frequency bands exists on 24 channels. Great monitoring.

Sound Isolation Booth

Sound Isolation Booth

Our Vocal Booth features acoustic soundproofing insulation by Primacoustic for superior sound isolation and is seated on a custom designed floating floor. It sounds pretty good!

Digital Audio Signal Processing

Audio Signal Processing

From audio compression to digital effects the studios Signal Processing equipment and DSP software provide our recording engineer with the audio tools to make your production shine.

Digital Mulitimedia

Digital Mulitimedia<

Offering professional multimedia audio solutions for advertising including Television, Radio, Video and Web.

Neumann & Audio Technica Microphones

Neumann Miicrophone

Recording audio ultilizing high quality condenser microphones

Near Field Studio Monitors

Near Field Studio Monitors

Near field Studio Monitors maintain a well-balanced, transparent sound to assist production during reference monitoring of your audio source.

Recently Recorded Client Projects

Air Wick Television Commercial

15 sec Television Commercial. Voice recording, editing, mixing and mastering.

Air Wick television commercial voice-over recording

Sensodyne Television Commercial

30 sec Television Commercial. Buchanan Group Voice-over recording.

Sensodyne television commercial voiceover recording

Canadian Tire Television Commercial

60 sec Television Commercial. Voice recording, editing, mixing and mastering.

Television advertisment voice recording More Client Projects